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   10th International Business Research Conference


         Venue : Crowne Plaza Hotel , Dubai, United Arab Emirates

         Date   :             16-17 April , 2009  

    Conference Registration Form


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International transfer

For  personal check and Bank check :  Pay to : World Business Institute

For Money order  :  World Business Institute,  Branch/Account . 033-090- 303339,  Westpac Banking Corporation,  302 Clayton Road, Clayton, Melbourne, Victoria 3168, Australia  

For Wire Transfer:  Swift Code: WPACAU2S



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Receipt will be provided at the conference registration day (27 March, 2008) unless urgently required.


Please email the  completed registration form to :Nuha Jahan or to Prof. Zia Haqq via


Fax to :   World Business Institute, Australia . Fax No. 613- 9702 0122           OR

 Mail To: World Business Institute, 31 Blake Street, Berwick 3806 Australia                                                                                                              

For any problem, please contact Khaleda .Akhter on (613) 9702 2734 

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